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Liquid Soap / Skin Cleansers


D420 Universal Barrier Cream.
A dual purpose pre-work cream providing increased protection for wet and dry work environments.
It will provide a barrier that makes soil removal easier.
Easily dispensed with one of our dispensing options.
Pink cream.

95105 Barrier Cream Paste.
Pre-work barrier cream paste with special skin care ingredients.
White paste.

92011 After Work Cream.
Specially selected reconditioning ingredients have been incorporated within this cream allowing efficient replenishment of natural oils lost from the skin during work.
This lotion is very easily absorbed by the skin and is a perfect partner to our pre-work barrier creams.
Easily dispensed with one of our dispensing options.
White opaque viscous liquid.

89047 Luxury Pink Pearlised Hand Wash.
An extremely high quality luxury lotion that is not to be confused with lesser products offered by some other companies.
Delicately fragranced with extract of rose oil and formulated using carefully selected skin care ingredients this liquid soap is equally at home in washroom and shower environments.
Pink viscous liquid.

91031 Luxury White Pearlised Hand Wash.
A non fragrance version of pink pearlised washing lotion with a bactericide for added hygiene.
This product can be used in the catering environment or where ever a fragrance is not accepted.
White viscous liquid.

90023 Engineers Liquid Soap.
A solvent free orange coloured and fragranced liquid soap.
High concentrations of powerful yet gentle skin cleansers are combined with the finest of skin care ingredients to produce an effective alternative to beaded gel hand cleaners.
Orange viscous clear liquid.

96012 Peach Pearlised Hand Wash Gel.
High quality pearlised soap with a pleasant peach fragrance.
Peach viscous liquid.

94157  Pearlised Body Wash.
Formulated to incorporate a high standard of gentle skin cleansers this product is ideal for use in showers.
Blue viscous liquid.

06076 Anti MRSA Hand Wash.
A pleasant to use liquid soap that has been rigorously tested by independent laboratories and has achieved EN1276 & EN13727 certification ~ effective against MRSA.

8812 Alcohol Hand Sanitiser.
A bactericidal hand rinse based upon alcohol with an additive that destroys bacteria. Widely used wherever a high degree of sterilisation is required including hospitals, vets, dentists etc.
Water white thin liquid.

03061 Thick Alcohol Hand Sanitiser.
A flowable gel version of the alcohol hand rinse that gives increased residence upon the skin when in use.
As above but in gel form.

D416 Liquid Skin Cleanser.
A powerful but gentle liquid skin cleanser containing biocides.
Straw coloured clear liquid.

93061 Liquid Skin Cleanser & Sanitiser.
A clear green viscose liquid hand cleaner which is achieved EN 1276 certification for biocidal performance.
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