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General Cleaners


97121 Bathroom Cleaner.
For use on baths, sinks, tiles, shower areas.
Leaves a strong fresh fragrance.
A green coloured clear liquid.

A114 Hard Surface Cleaner.
An extremely versatile multi-purpose cleaner that can be used to clean most hard surfaces including floors, walls, paintwork, plastics, laminates, stainless steel, ceramics and glass.
Yellow fluorescent clear liquid.

8923 Multi-Purpose Cleaner.
A good all round multi surface cleaner formulated to optimise soil suspension.
Can be used for stripping wax floors. A light blue clear liquid.

B225 Powerful Cleaner Degreaser.
This exceptionally powerful, highly alkaline cleaner is one of the finest cleaners available within the industry.
Used as a safe replacement for harsh solvents to degrease machine parts, this cleaner is often the preferred choice in kitchens, abattoirs, garages and other environments that demand the best there is.
A green coloured clear liquid.

B209 Super Concentrate Cleaner.
Highly concentrated and exceptionally versatile cleaner that is one of the very few products that can clean heavily trafficked Altro floors.
Safe to use in almost every situation and on just about every surface imaginable this cleaner is even used as a traffic film remover due to it being caustic free and highly dilutable.
Straw coloured clear liquid.

D421 Cream Cleaner.
For hard surfaces with polishing clays and specially formulated additives to lift grime and dirt leaving surfaces really clean.
Highly effective at removing stains and an ideal choice for use on stainless steel, ceramics, paintwork, chrome and enamel.
White viscous cream.

A118 Anti-Bac Hard Surface Cleaner.
(A102 with added perfume).
The perfect choice for use in nursing homes, vetenary surgeries, and anywhere that requires a hygienic environment.
A yellow coloured clear liquid.

A102 Anti-Bac All Purpose Cleaner.
With no added perfume.
This product is bactericidal to both gram positive and negative organisms making it an obvious choice for food preparation areas.
A yellow coloured clear liquid.
This product has been tested to, and passed the EN 13697 accreditation

89037 Anti-Bac Washroom Cleaner.
This perfumed cleaner is an ideal product for use in showers, washrooms and poolside areas.
A green coloured clear liquid.

06075 Cleaner & Sanitiser.
A powerful cleaner and sanitiser independently tested to EN 13697 & EN 13727 (against MRSA).
Ideal for use in nursing homes, surgeries etc.
A clear yellow liquid.
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