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Refill & Save: Choose JTHM Cleaning Products

Most of our own brand cleaning products, while being excellent quality, are available in 5 litre refill containers and 1 litre handy size bottles. Many of them are also concentrated so can be diluted down to suit your needs.

This means after you buy a 1 litre bottle, you can then purchase a 5 litre and keep refilling it, saving you money and reducing plastic waste.

Additionally, the 1 litre bottles are bigger than a lot of the commercially available products you would pick up of the supermarket shelf which are often 500-750ml.

JTHM cleaning products are manufactured in the UK, supporting UK jobs and it also means they haven't had to travel half way around the world to get here.

The bottles used are HDPE#2 and are widely recycled by 92% of UK councils. They are recycled into garden furniture, litter bins and pipes and the boxes we receive them in are made from recycled cardboard.
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